About Us

KaranAngel has been helping people since 1995.  With classes, private sessions, and group events there is something for everyone/anyone on a spiritual or angelic path.  If we can’t help you we will direct you to someone who may.

We love our customers and welcome your feedback and suggestions. Use our Contact Us page to tell us what we’re doing right or what we can improve on.


About Karan

It was at a young age that Karan knew she was connected to the mystical realm.  Dreaming of future events (personal and world), seeing colors around people, feeling angels amongst us, and just “knowing” were the daily norm.  Karan’s talents include clairaudience, clairvoyance, clairsentience, communicating with angels, angelic healing, and mediumship.

She spent most of her time wishing these talents would “go away”.  Once she realized they weren’t going to, she decided to learn all she could about them and how to use them for the highest good for all involved.  This training included 11 years of the unwritten Kabbalah, subjects in complimentary/alternative medicines and most of the psychic sciences.

Karan sees herself as a channel for the light – a vessel for the healing that streams from above, goes through her and is directed to you.  She helps you open up to accept healing and find the YOU that God had in mind when you were created.  She sees your highest potential and encourages success.  She walks you through your transformation, helping each step of the way, encouraging when you need it, strengthening when you become unsure.

All classes, consultations, workshops and retreats are given with the intent of bringing you to your highest, best self; to help you on your personal mission so you may reap the rewards of abundance that accumulate when you do what you love and love what you do.



KA Wisdom Ventures:


In collaboration with the angels and an investor, KA Wisdom Ventures was born.  Our main location is situated Bensalem, PA.  The space is lovingly filled with light, comfy seating and some retail items.   Here we house classes, retreat days, workshops, and special events.  Featured often are guest speakers/teachers to help broaden your knowledge in all areas of healing.

We offer many away retreats and workshops, with three annual retreats – Florida in February, Summer Solstice in June, and Shore Retreat in September.  Check the event page for current information on each.


October 2017


·         9:30 AMSeaside Shaman Private Sessions

·         10:00 AMPyramid Power Up

·         3:00 PMAnimal Blessings


·         7:30 PM Color Vibrations

10 11

6:00 PMKabbalah I


7:30 PMOut of This World – Existential­ Awareness


·         7:00 PMAngelic Planning Workshop

13 14

10:00 AMThe Love Class


·         12:30 PMAngelic Grid Design and Use Day 1


·         10:00 AMAngelic Grid Design and Use Day 2


7:30 PM  Color Vibrations

17 18

6:00 PMKabbalah I


7:30 PMModels of Reality – The Evidence for Energy Healing


·         7:00 PMAngelic Miracles Workshop


·         8:00 PMSpirit Speaks Retreat Weekend


10:00 AMThe Love Class – No Class

·         1:00 PMTransformat­ional Discernment­ 2 – Building Your Personal Compass


·         11:00 AM FREE HEALING EVENT


7:30 PM Color Vibrations

24 25

6:00 PMKabbalah I


7:30 PMModels of Reality – Scientifica­lly Measuring the Afterlife


·         7:00 PM  Working with the Holy Spirit Healing Vibrations

27 28

10:00 AM  The Love Class


1:00 PM – Your Blessing Backpack – A Guide to Surviving the Holidays


·         10:00 AMThree For Healing Day

·         3:00 PMCard Reading Practice



7:30 PMColor Vibrations