First Friday – Here’s What You Missed

First Friday October 2017

Our October First Friday was all about energy; particularly how our personal energy shapes our lives.  We were blessed to have Alison Sahoo Kritzer as our guest speaker who educated us on many of the scientific studies regarding metaphysical vibrations.

Were you aware that there are scientists who are measuring energy healers?  I wasn’t.  They gather data on how the energy affects the healers’ as well as their clients’ lives.

We discussed how thoughts are energy, and how thoughts align with universal energy to manifest situations.  “Elevated thoughts align with other elevated thoughts,” said Alison.

This made me think of the power in numbers and how prayer/healing energy is so much stronger when there is more than one person involved, and there is a common goal and pure intentions.  It’s also been noted that emotions emit stronger energy than thoughts.  We encounter this when a mom raises a car off her child; the strong emotions manifest the adrenaline needed to increase strength for those few moments.

Another interesting finding is that your hands emit more energy than anywhere else in the body that is measurable at this time.

One of the tools for using energy to crease success in any area of your life is to focus on the smaller goals first.  Each small goal helps you achieve your end result.  Many people focus on the end game, forgetting about all the steps it takes to get there.  Focusing on each step creates a straight path to victory.

For more information, check out Alison’s Playing with Light FaceBook page.

For personal interaction, come on out to Alison’s course, Models of Reality, where a different form of energy work is discussed each week.  Wednesdays beginning Oct. 18th, 7:30pm, $20/class  Sign up here….


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