Full Moon AngelScopes™ January 12, 2017

Full Moon AngelScopes™ January 12, 2017

This first full moon of 2017 the angels remind us that we all are co-creators and have the power to make things happen.  They also remind us that making things happen requires action.  This first month of the new year, this first full moon, is the perfect time to initiate the changes you’d like to see take place in your life.  You are the shaper of your destiny.  The angels remind us that this year of self is about YOU individually, and aggressive behavior towards creating change in others can backfire.  A focus on creating change within yourself first can easily manifest the changes around you, including other’s reactions to you and interactions with you. You are special and you are divine just by being.  Carry that knowledge with you as you exert your power to create the life you desire during this important year

Ask the angel or entity indicated to help you through this period, especially if there are major decisions to be made.


Aries – You may find yourself at a fork in the road during this full to new moon phase, and the angels remind you that stepping forward is the beginning of every journey.  Releasing ties that bind (real or imagined) help you create the change you desire.  Many offer advice, but listening to your soul is the way to go.  Your guardian angel works with you to illuminate others’ hidden agendas.  A new spirit guide is waiting and becomes known to you by mid-February.

Taurus – This full moon continues the new moon vibration for you, Taurus, as it is a time of letting go.  You may see people leaving your circle and you are made strongly aware of self-imposed obstacles to your dreams and aspirations.  You may find yourself walking away from a situation that has no more to teach you.  Endings are prevalent and new beginnings are calling your name.  St. Gabriel the archangel speaks a bit louder and more clearly to get the messages through to you.  Pay attention to beeping horns.

Gemini – The angels remind you to breathe.  It’s time to meditate and rejuvenate as the holidays end and the real work begins.  This year of self has you mastering YOU.  Meditation and contemplation lead you to answers as master guides such as Buddha and Jesus help raise your sense of enlightenment.  Projects put in place now will complete by the end of March, which is the next time you’ll have breathing room once the ball gets rolling.  Positive thoughts, and love towards all you come in contact with, bring positive results all around you.

Cancer – It’s a time of allowing, Cancer, and that means taking a step back to allow your abundance and wishes to come to you.  Stop chasing them and they will come closer faster.  It’s a time of magic when you raise you level of trust in the universe.  Archangel Kamael helps with all matters of indecisiveness.  During this time you will find when you let go of the reins and permit someone else to lead your rewards are much more plentiful.  Opportunities seem to come out of the woodwork when you let your guard down a bit.  Once the new moon passes you can go back to being boss.

Leo – A monkey on your back is released as you are inspired to clear burdens and “clean house” during this full to new moon phase.  A focused approach moves mountains and unlocks chains.  Archangel Metatron helps get things in order as you create and orchestrate a plan of action.  You may require time alone during these next two weeks, as you work steadily to clear a path to success.  Celebrations occur by mid-February and you are back to your fun-loving easy-going self by then.

Virgo – A cycle has or is coming to a close, and it’s important for you to come to terms with where you are now.  Archangel Raphael helps heal hurts, close doors and open your heart, mind and soul to new possibilities.  Holding onto the past leaves you stuck.  A no-nonsense friend helps you tone down the drama and get on with things.  Acknowledging your place in the world and hanging with friends helps you move forward.

Libra – The angels ask you to live in the moment and archangel Haniel is preparing you for future victories.  Impatience can slow those victories down, so you are asked to acknowledge the joy around you, right now at this moment.  There are many treasures immediately in front of you, and friends to share your happiness.  Something you’ve been waiting for will occur next month.  Trusting that you have all you need pulls your heart’s desire to you.

Scorpio – Sharing your knowledge and learning from others who share their knowledge with you is highlighted during the next two weeks.  Making others aware of your appreciation for them can move mountains at this time.  You may receive a sweet surprise by the 20th of this month.  Trust your intuition, especially when you think it’s giving you the wrong signals.  Archangel Ratziel is helping you with life lessons.

Sagittarius – Things seem to be settling down, Sag, as you have a set path and secure plans.  The angels bring inspiration and lead you to all you ask for.  Love is all around you and archangels Gabriel and Raphael are helping you celebrate with friends and family.  You recognize temporary conditions as just that: temporary.  New beginnings are cemented by the new moon with joy and hope.

Capricorn – The earth element is strong around you, as this full moon has you putting on your thinking cap and trying to make good analytical decisions; especially where romance and/or career are concerned.  Be sure to take time to relax and enjoy yourself in the midst of all this thinking.  Archangel Uriel lends a hand in strategy and placement.  A trusted female gives valuable insight when asked to.

Aquarius – The angels remind you that often “rejection is God’s protection.”  If you find yourself consistently up against brick walls, ask yourself if your objective in the situation is realistic and serves all or serves only you.  The angels remind you that sometimes “no” means something better is on its way.  Blessed Mother is by your side and suggests some down time, some pampering of yourself and some non-thinking activities.  This clears your energy field and allows better ideas and strategies to emerge from your soul.  All will be clearer by the new moon.

Pisces – Being true to your calling is essential for happiness.  This requires some introspection and awareness as to what YOUR truth is.  Not the world’s truth, your family’s truth or even your BFF’s truth, but your truth.  During this full moon to Spring Equinox phase, owls may be a symbol of spiritual messages.  Pay attention when one is near, or a picture of one appears.  This is a sign to link into your wisdom.  Plans for completion are firming up and you have much to look forward to this entire year.  Master guide Ezekiel sends info and help your way as you need it.


NEW MOON – FRIDAY January 27, 2017    7:07pm EST


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