Full Moon October 2017

Full Moon AngelScopes™ Oct 5th, 2017


This full moon the angels remind us that we either feed the chaos or we feed the calm.  No one is idle.  The angels also remind us to listen to the messages we are receiving from our hearts.  The veil is thin and it is easier to connect with your higher self and your angels.  Trust your intuition and watch life get a little easier.


Ask the angel or entity indicated to help you through this period, especially if there are major decisions to be made.


Aries – Archangel Tzaphkiel is helping tie up loose ends and bring in the information you’ve been seeking.  Your “why” will be answered, and action upon that why will determine your next phase you will enter in this life.  Ego-centered actions will create a struggle, humility centered actions will usher in peace.  Keep yourself open to love – singles can meet someone special, married will strengthen their bonds.  Positive speech brings very positive results during the next few weeks.


Taurus – King Solomon helps with time management as well as rational decision making.  Keeping your emotions at bay can help produce smoother days with better, easier forward motion.  Apologize as necessary.  You may be considering changing jobs.  Moves made now are fraught with uncertainty.  December and January will bring better opportunities.  If you can hold off, do.


Gemini – Archangel Kamael is close by, helping you speak softly when you’d like to scream and yell.  Work may take more time than you like, and communication is highlighted.  Keeping everyone in the loop is paramount to success.  You are reminded that asking for what you’d like in a kind manner will bring happier results than demanding does.  Money may be tight right now but doors are opening.


Cancer – Jesus is your guide during this full to new moon phase – helping you to stay true to your soul no matter what is placed in front of you.  If you find yourself needing strength, call upon Him to help hold you up.  Aside from what you are tossing and turning in your mind, happy social activities are indicated.  It’s a great time for get-togethers.


Leo – Gabriel is close by and Haniel helps with victories.  You are aware of the veil and the coming and goings of souls at this time.  In your life, thorugh the next full moon, goals are met and a long awaited victory arises.  Blessings are all around and the good vibes continue through at least April 2018.  Looking for love?  You may meet your match soon, at least before February of next year.


Virgo – St. Michael the Archangel is helping you move forward and release fear.  You don’t be able to drag your feet much longer if you have been procrastinating.  The end result is truly in your favor.  Family is highlighted as fairness comes into question with regards to legalities such as estates, wills, pre-nups and marriages.  Read everything you sign your name to closely during this time.


Libra – St. Germain the ascended master is close at hand, helping you create the new beginnings you desire and inspiring you where you feel stagnant.  Income changes are indicated in a small yet positive way.  A younger person may take a stand and go off on their own.  This could be in your place of work.  Wish them well.


Scorpio – The Shekina helps you find your sweeter side, bringing love and nurturing wherever needed.  Remembering to ALLOW positive occurrences pulls them to you more quickly.  You feel the Shekina’s strength supporting you as you move through your days and pushing you when you are trying to dig in.  Romance may be active this month, especially if you are open to travel.  Current relationships deepen, and new ones can begin.  Love is definitely in the air!


Sagittarius – Archangel Haniel is helping you recognize true victories, not just surface wins.  He reminds you to emit love to pull more love to you.  Whether you believe you can or believe you can’t, you are correct.  Choose your path carefully.  Haniel helps you remove the blinders of fear.  You may find yourself on the road when you would much rather stay home.  Talks about money can go either way. It’s time for a reality check, and the angels remind you that this is about your reality, and not anyone else’s.


Capricorn – Uriel is assisting with placement: placement of you, your things, travel plans, etc.  If you are wondering where in any instance (i.e. where should we go on vacation, where should I hang this picture) ask Uriel for help.  He’s also helping with increasing your knowledge in both the physical and spiritual worlds.  Family is highlighted as they seem to be less together and more separate than usual.  This will pass, it’s personal goals that are priority as the year ends.  There’s a regroup by the November full moon.


Aquarius – Your guardian angel is close by, filling in the blanks for you and leading you to where you need to be when you need to be there.  Small wins happen daily; acknowledging them leads to bigger wins.  Happy Karma heads your way before November.  Past life friends can re-appear, lost loves re-ignite.  It’s a time of blessings in many ways.


Pisces – The goddess Diana is in front of you clearing obstacles, beside you helping with projects, and behind you to give that extra push you sometimes need.  Keep your emotions at bay to accomplish more than you believe is possible.  Family upsets may create legal dealings.  Wills and estates are highlighted during this time through to the November full moon.  Time near water soothes your soul.



NEW MOON – Oct.  19th  3:12pm ET




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