New Moon May 2017

NEW Moon AngelScopes™ May 25, 2017


This new moon the angels remind us that we carry with in a light bright enough to reduce any negativity that comes our way.  Acknowledging and increasing that light can change our lives as well as the lives of those around us.  The angels remind us that they love us at all times, and ask that we find beauty within ourselves and within others.  If you find yourself in the presence of a very negative person, focus on the word love.  You don’t need to do anything else, no sending, no wishing, just thinking of the word.  This will raise the vibration around you and you will notice the person leaves or the person’s attitude changes.  Walk in love as often as possible to create the change you desire in your life.


Ask the angel or entity indicated to help you through this period, especially if there are major decisions to be made.


Aries – This is your time, Aries.  The angels indicate everything is coming together.  Your patience is about to pay off and you are being lifted to new heights.  Jesus is with you, supporting your endeavors, guiding you in your interactions with others.  It could be a time of miracles for you.  Ask and ask often. This is also a great time to start anew, begin projects or plan trips.


Taurus – This new moon offers the opportunity to strengthen one area of your life by releasing the need to control other areas.  Make decisions so that decisions aren’t made for you.  Archangel Metatron is by your side, helping you stay on target with your life path.  You may find yourself developing a plan for the future or having great inspirations.  The angels remind you that success follows action.


Gemini – Group activities are highlighted during this new to full moon phase – though you may want to forge your own path away from the crowd, as you feel yourself closed in while in the midst of all those people.  A shot get away with a loved one refreshes and renews – even if the getaway is hours and not days.  A lifting of your spirit arrives closer to the full moon.  Angel Jophiel helps you see the beauty / fun in each event, opening you to even more positive thoughts and realizations.  You may discover a romantic admire who has been hiding in the background.


Cancer – Time to hit the road, Cancer.  The signs are undeniable and it’s time to move on, leaving old habits and outdated modes of thought behind.  Archangel Gabriel is leading the way, while Ratziel is helping you understand the Book of Life.  Whatever you may start now tkes a year to complete, but the time spent is well worth it.  This new beginning could be taking place in any area of your life, and will entail leaving some others behind: friends, coworkers, followers or even family.


Leo – The angels remind you that yes, your hard work is worth it, and that you do have support from others close by – even if you refuse their support.  This new moon is a time to re-visit a forgotten project, something that was started and never finished.  Goals can be met, and Archangel Haniel helps you recognize success in places you only saw failure.  Family offers love and support and cheer you forward.


Virgo – Your networking skills are put to the test.  You find yourself at many social evenst that offer opportunities for expansion and growth – in business or in your core group of allies.  Your closest family members seem to be going through some upsets, try not to get involved.  Blessed Mother Mary is there to soothe and balance any disagreements.  Life takes a turn for the better once the full moon rolls in.


Libra – Change is headed your way, Libra, and it’s very positive!  Financial windfalls are possible, as well as great inspirations to improve your living circumstances.  You can almost feel the hand of God guiding you; the force within is strong.  Getting out in nature opens your mind and doors.  Wishing for romance?  The walls may actually come down during this new to full moon phase, allowing love in.


Scorpio – You are trying to create a plan but are still unsure of how/where to go.  Indecisiveness can leave you baffled, but Saint Raphael the archangel helps clear any muddied thoughts.  You can feel the next phase coming in, but are unsure of where to go.  Go within to find the answers you need.  Put aside all advice from others and connect with your soul.  Once done you will have a set path and Raphael will join with Michael to make it happen.


Sagittarius – Someone is trying very hard to make you happy, Sag, but it seems everything they do just stresses you out more.  The angels remind you to meditate, do the things you love most and make more time to relax until this stressful time passes.  June will be less stressful and August nearly care free.  Work agitation is short lived as a re-org or restructuring comes into play.  Social events are joyful, get out as often as you can.


Capricorn – Your choices may not be your family’s choices for you, but no worries there.  You know where you are going and are ready for the changes ahead.  Master Moses guides your way, offering strength and insight in all you do.  A get-together is especially happy with memories shared and lots of laughter.


Aquarius – Happy family times are indicated as life draws you all closer together.  Your home is your haven, and you are happy there with or without people around.  Uncertainties about your (singular) finances arise, but the angels remind you of how resourceful you are.  Archangel Kamael helps you remain positive and clears the negative.  Counting your blessings makes you aware of even more blessings.


Pisces – Family stress may have you questioning your personal power, but the angels remind you that what’s right for you may not be right for them.  You are about to embark upon finding your niche in the world and increasing your personal strengths.  For the most part this is a time of fun and adventure.  Your guardian angel leads you to all you need.



FULL MOON – Friday, June 9, 2017    9:10am ET




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