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NEW Moon AngelScopes™ April 26, 2017

This new moon the angels remind us that every moment, every situation we find ourselves involved in, and every event we attend has profound value and meaning.  Whether joyful or challenging, when you are in the  moment, when you are mindful of what is happening in all its capacity, you affirm that there is a plan larger than you at work.  This doesn’t mean that changes can’t be made.  It means look at what is challenging you and take in the big picture.  It means releasing your expectations of others, because they are YOUR expectations not theirs’.  (Thanks to the angels who inspired Mary Alice to share this insight.)  Once you are in the moment, aligned with all that is, you will be guided to which changes to make.  Of course, if all is joyful you may not want to make any changes.  Maybe you just want to share your joy.  Either way, the angels are there ready to help.  The value of a situation is not just for yourself, but for all involved.  Just as Mercury slows down to help us revisit past habits, situations and relationships, the angels ask during this New Moon during the retrograde to slow down and take a true inventory of our lives, then make a plan to create change.  (Don’t act on the plan until Mercury goes direct on May 3rd.)  And remember, every moment in your life is profoundly instrumental for yourself and all those around you.

Ask the angel or entity indicated to help you through this period, especially if there are major decisions to be made.

Aries – This new moon puts choices at your feet, especially where romance is concerned.  You are reminded that not choosing and letting the chips fall where they may is also a choice, but then you may lose the opportunity to make a choice.  Archangel Raphael flies in as you need him, healing hearts and bruised egos.  This is an excellent time for studies or new knowledge, and the 3rd week of May might have you noticing an undeniable shift in energy.  The old adage if you love something set it free does not apply here.  If you love someone show it.

Taurus – Introspection is called for as your inner divine is trying to break through your bullish tendencies.  Speaking from a point of love and compassion takes you further than an “I know best” attitude.  Jesus works with you to soften your heart and answer any questions you may have.  He also helps heal the wounds of the past.  Look for your life to totally change between now and October.  The changes come in such small, subtle increments you may not even realize they are happening.

Gemini – This can be an emotional time for you Gemini, as the retrograde brings back past uncertainties.  The angels ask that you stay the course (this is a lesson this year, not to get side-tracked).  Blessed Mother Mary envelopes you in her protective mantle; assuring you that all is well.  Your personal power increases the closer we come to the month of June.  Until then, keep your eye on the prize and emotions in check.  A clear head without judgement on yourself or others may bring just the opportunity you are looking for.

Cancer – There seems to be a change in the family during this new to full moon phase as re-aligning and adjustments take place.  The end result is very favorable for you and Archangel Haniel leads you to victory.  Remain focused to complete your goals and hold off others’ chaos.  A career move is a win!

Leo – You are entering your time, Leo and each decision you make creates a chain reaction of success.  The Creator opens opportunities leading to a very successful and happy autumn.  Spending time with family increases inspiration as well as joy.  Your angels will help when thoughts are clouded.  Drink more water to help cleanse you body and soul.

Virgo – You receive lots of love from a special female during this new to full moon stage.  The angels remind you to take time to play, planning get togethers if you aren’t invited to any.  Social activities actually aid in your productivity.  The angels indicate this is a time of joy-filled days and an overflowing love vibration.  Archangel Haniel increases the unconditional love you have for others as well as the love they have for you.  Look for a blessing to be given to a dear friend or loved one.

Libra – You enjoy your work, Libra, but sometimes you need a break.  This new to full moon is the perfect time to allow yourself a day or two to puttz around and not do anything.  This time off will allow you to refuel and return strengthened.  This is also an excellent time to consider (not jump into, save action until after the full moon) changes you would like to make in your life.  Archangel Ratziel brings the Book of Life to you, increasing your wisdom and knowledge.

Scorpio – The angels remind you that when you are unsure of where you are headed, look to your divine self for answers.  All answers lie within, and well-meaning friends can give excellent advice; bottom line is you need to make the choice.  The Creator is sending you his best – Michael, Raphael, Uriel and Gabriel to help you as you ready for an exciting adventure.  By the end of April a new path is in front of you.  Your sense of purpose strengthens by the full moon.  Remove the “should” to make decisions you are happy with.

Sagittarius – Discussions around finances may have you emotional, but not to worry.  Make a plan and stick to it and you will reap more than you expect.  You may encounter opposition at work, keep your head low and move on.  These are other’s insecurities, not yours.  Archangel Metatron helps with all building plans – literally and figuratively, so call on him for help when you are making changes.

Capricorn – You are at the end of a good run, and a new beginning is just around the corner.  Your family is in flux and the angels remind you that this is your life and not theirs, and vice versa.  Involving yourself only in situations that directly involve or impact you will bring the most desired outcome.  You may be leaving others behind as you move forward.  Follow your intuition; it will lead you well through June 1.  Your guardian angel helps with all you ask for during this time of great blessings.

Aquarius – Archangel Tzaphkiel places truths in your energy field, so pay attention to your “what if” thoughts, as they can be messages from above.  Follow these thoughts through to the outcome to help when making choices.  There are no bad decisions at this time, just decisions.  You may find yourself in the spot of caregiver/decision maker for a beloved male in your life.  He is overworked and needs some extra care.  Work with archangel Raphael as well as Tzaphkiel to acknowledge all the good around you, your own personal good and the good (divine) of those around you.

Pisces – Everything you need is right in front of you, Pisces.  Victory is at hand, not off in the distance.  Archangel Gabriel helps with the beginning and the end and will be with you as you continually transition through December.  Thinking about moving?  Hold off any action until mid to late May, when more information is available.  Stand your ground when you need to.


MERCURY DIRECT – May 3, 12:33pm ET

FULL MOON – Wednesday May 10, 2017    5:42pm ET




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