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NEW Moon AngelScopes™ March 27, 2017

This new moon the angels ask us to stay strong in our truth and protect our integrity.  This is done by keeping words, thoughts and deeds/actions in alignment for the best results in all your undertakings.  We are reminded that our challenges are tests.  These challenges are presented to help us grow our light.  The angels encourage us to ask for their help every step of the way.  They are our friends and confidants, and they are waiting for our instruction.  Success is in the air for most of us during this new to full moon phase.

Ask the angel or entity indicated to help you through this period, especially if there are major decisions to be made.


Aries – Time to move on Aries, and you may find yourself in a new home or office before summer rolls in.  A friend/ally may be taking off on their own as well, wish them love and luck.  Change is just around the corner, but begins NOW.   Your guardian angel helps you with decisions during this FREE WILL time.   (Meaning you are not destined with what is happening, you have free will to change it all.)  Your true talents and desires come to light, and you are reminded to set goals and plan for your highest success possible.

Taurus – Someone is messing with your Mojo, Taurus.  This occurrence brings a realization of where change within yourself is needed; as well as where change in the way you interact with others is needed.  Archangel Metatron has your back – sometimes to push you forward, sometimes to protect you, sometimes to hold you still.  Emotions may run high over the next month, stay the course for the best success.

Gemini – You may feel as if you are in chaos, Gemini, during this new to full moon stage.  The angels remind you that sticking to your choices (hard to do for you, but not impossible) is the best path you can take at this time.  Focus on self over others strengthens your resolve and helps you achieve your goals.  Archangel Sandalphon helps you get started and archangel Haniel leads you to a win!  A beloved man gives strength and increases your sense of purpose.

Cancer – a sincere authority figure offers love and support during this time.  Family relationships are strengthened.  Concern over an ill female may cross your mind, the angels remind you sometimes the best thing you can do for someone is pray for them.  The Creator is by your side, and will help you manifest whatever you need.  All in all, a pleasant couple of weeks.

Leo – It’s an extremely busy time, Leo, and you may find yourself feeling a bit overwhelmed as you juggle the many areas of your life – all needing attention right now.  Work has you very busy and success is in the air.  Archangel Tzaphkiel increases your knowledge where needed by bringing you information or sending in people with the information  you need.  Business is strong by the full moon and things settle by the end of April.

Virgo – A relationship you are in is struggling.  You know this is a good relationship, but the other person may not see things the same as you do.  Decide what you want and make your move.  Without realizing it, you may be the person who has been neglecting the relationship.  Archangel Michael helps remove obstacles and release blockages throughout the next month.  Call on him for help when you feel stuck or stagnant.

Libra – You may find yourself dealing with a negative female during this new to full moon phase Libra.  If you are the negative female, take note.  This is your sign to move on and release ties to negative friends, acquaintances and thought patterns that do not serve your highest good.  If you find yourself in a crabby mood, Blessed Mother Mary is by your side, offering comfort and direction.  Taking a day trip for a change in scenery will help make everything clearer.

Scorpio – The time for lounging is done, and you are being called to take stock in yourself and move forward, Scorp!  You may be forced into making choices as a triangle situation comes to a close.  The angels remind you to be true to yourself, but not full of yourself.  Legal papers pave the way for your next phase of life.  Archangel Raphael is close by to help heal wounds and brighten thought processes.  Look for everything to calm down by August.

Sagittarius – Work may have you busier than you like, Sag, as you find yourself doing a lot of traveling or running around.  Archangel Gabriel is with you and encourages you to take a moment to recognize the blessings and miracles around you.  Keep your eye on your prize and you will be pleasantly rewarded.  Things slow down by mid April.

Capricorn – Health is high on your radar, Cap, yours and/or that of a loved one.  The angels encourage you to get enough rest during this new to full moon phase.  You may be feeling a bit unsettled as there is much going on around you.  A mentor offers much encouragement.  King David brings insight to the workings of the world, including your world, as well as health information too.

Aquarius – The angels remind you that even small victories are victories.  Positive income increases are on their way, but you will need to work at it.  Stay on top of paperwork, put a little extra effort in, etc.  Victories are close, so don’t give up now.  The month of May will be very important time in your life.   Your guardian angel and spirit guides encourage you to maintain a habit of spiritual practice each day by praying, meditating, or counting your blessings.  This removes overwhelm and replaces it with resolve and determination.

Pisces – You are the master of your destiny, Pisces, and the angels would like you to remind yourself of that daily.  When things seem out of order, take a step back and regroup.  The next year will create a turning point in your life.  The Creator works with your infinite soul to remove darkness and instill light.  This helps you overcome doubt and fear.  If you find yourself struggling with a relationship, look at what you would like first, then take steps towards that goal.

FULL MOON – Tuesday, April 11, 2017    2:08am EST




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