Full Moon March

FULL Moon AngelScopes™ March 12, 2017


This full moon the angels remind us that we have the power to make our dreams come true.  By working with our inner majesty, our unique spark of the Creator, we can define those dreams.  Once defined, ask your angels to help you manifest them.  Focused energy and perseverance along with patience produce the full desired outcome.


Ask the angel or entity indicated to help you through this period, especially if there are major decisions to be made.


Aries – The sharp wit of a female has you wondering why you are the brunt of her sarcasm.  There’s a good chance she’s just blowing off steam, so ignore her and go about your business.  A male in authority stands in the background and is almost ready to come forth with a decision you’ve been holding your breath on.  Cutting ties during this full to new moon phase coupled with new beginnings starts you on a different path than expected.  Raphael the archangel handles all hurt feelings, inserting clarity where confusion lies.


Taurus – Advice from a successful man helps you develop a secure financial plan.  Time spent with an admirer brightens your outlook.  A trusted mentor leads you to awakenings.  Gabriel the archangel parties with you and helps you make choices.


Gemini – It’s time for your wishes to come true, and it’s important not to let family drag you down.  It’s your time to shine and celebrate.  Love is close by if you are open enough to accept it.  Archangel Haniel leads you to heart-warming social activities.


Cancer – A loved one may make a choice that leaves you a bit disappointed.  The angels remind you it was their choice to make, wishing them well can bring blessings to you both.  Romance has you confused as your person of interest takes on extended family matters that leave you in the cold.  Time spent with friends lightens your mood and your guardian angel lifts your spirits with a new hobby or interest.


Leo – You are connecting heart and soul to your dreams during this full to new moon stage.  Every little step takes you closer to your goal.  A beloved child makes strides in their life.  The Creator has eyes all over you, propelling you to success in an area close to your heart.  One year of work will reap decades of reward.


Virgo – Inner reflection brings knowledge to share during this full to new moon stage.  You may want to retreat but people around you aren’t allowing you to hide under the blankets.  A new start for you or someone close to you has you contemplating the positives of life.  Archangel Tzaphkiel brings insight and releases any sadness you’ve been holding onto.


Libra – Hard work has you feeling a bit restricted.  Someone around you shows their true colors.  The angles remind you to ask for help when you are overwhelmed.  Staying on the path close to your heart with determinations helps you navigate any obstacles in your way.  Gabriel the archangel brings news of new beginnings that ease your mind.


Scorpio – You may be feeling less in control than usual, and the angels ask you to be in alignment with your spiritual beliefs.  A man around you may be feeling less confident and needs your wisdom an advice.  Investments yield positive results, so move forward with your decisions.  Archangel Ratziel helps you see the big picture (meaning God’s plan) clearly.


Sagittarius – Family is a mixed bag of tricks during this full to new moon phase.  A happy event brings a myriad of emotions to those around you.  Keeping a smile on your face and your best foot forward calms the masses.  Archangel Jophiel is close to your heart, sending small sparks of joy that turn into big sparks by the new moon.


Capricorn – Family stress is heavy as you seem to allow yourself to be the scapegoat.  A trusted friend helps put things in perspective.  Concern about a youngster has you putting your mentor cap on.  Saint Pio reminds you to pray, hope and don’t worry; but mainly don’t worry.


Aquarius – One of your children or a young person close to your heart makes you very proud, Aquarius!  This person has great ideas and follow-through, and is considerate of others.  They also help you find light where you saw only dark or shades of gray.  Springtime brings you a bit more strength and an ease of burdens.  Blessed Mother Mary assists in all you do, and advocates for you during this phase.


Pisces – You are ready to make changes Pisces, and deep thought is suggested when contemplating your next move.  You intuitively understand you are at the end of an era/phase and will enter another soon.  All will be clear by September/October.  A fun friend keeps you upbeat and encourages you on any quest you decide to take.  Metatron the Archangel removes any nay-sayers immediately, clearing your path to success.


NEW MOON – Monday, March 27, 2017    10:57 pm EST



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Full Moon AngelScopes™ January 12, 2017

Full Moon AngelScopes™ January 12, 2017

This first full moon of 2017 the angels remind us that we all are co-creators and have the power to make things happen.  They also remind us that making things happen requires action.  This first month of the new year, this first full moon, is the perfect time to initiate the changes you’d like to see take place in your life.  You are the shaper of your destiny.  The angels remind us that this year of self is about YOU individually, and aggressive behavior towards creating change in others can backfire.  A focus on creating change within yourself first can easily manifest the changes around you, including other’s reactions to you and interactions with you. You are special and you are divine just by being.  Carry that knowledge with you as you exert your power to create the life you desire during this important year

Ask the angel or entity indicated to help you through this period, especially if there are major decisions to be made.


Aries – You may find yourself at a fork in the road during this full to new moon phase, and the angels remind you that stepping forward is the beginning of every journey.  Releasing ties that bind (real or imagined) help you create the change you desire.  Many offer advice, but listening to your soul is the way to go.  Your guardian angel works with you to illuminate others’ hidden agendas.  A new spirit guide is waiting and becomes known to you by mid-February.

Taurus – This full moon continues the new moon vibration for you, Taurus, as it is a time of letting go.  You may see people leaving your circle and you are made strongly aware of self-imposed obstacles to your dreams and aspirations.  You may find yourself walking away from a situation that has no more to teach you.  Endings are prevalent and new beginnings are calling your name.  St. Gabriel the archangel speaks a bit louder and more clearly to get the messages through to you.  Pay attention to beeping horns.

Gemini – The angels remind you to breathe.  It’s time to meditate and rejuvenate as the holidays end and the real work begins.  This year of self has you mastering YOU.  Meditation and contemplation lead you to answers as master guides such as Buddha and Jesus help raise your sense of enlightenment.  Projects put in place now will complete by the end of March, which is the next time you’ll have breathing room once the ball gets rolling.  Positive thoughts, and love towards all you come in contact with, bring positive results all around you.

Cancer – It’s a time of allowing, Cancer, and that means taking a step back to allow your abundance and wishes to come to you.  Stop chasing them and they will come closer faster.  It’s a time of magic when you raise you level of trust in the universe.  Archangel Kamael helps with all matters of indecisiveness.  During this time you will find when you let go of the reins and permit someone else to lead your rewards are much more plentiful.  Opportunities seem to come out of the woodwork when you let your guard down a bit.  Once the new moon passes you can go back to being boss.

Leo – A monkey on your back is released as you are inspired to clear burdens and “clean house” during this full to new moon phase.  A focused approach moves mountains and unlocks chains.  Archangel Metatron helps get things in order as you create and orchestrate a plan of action.  You may require time alone during these next two weeks, as you work steadily to clear a path to success.  Celebrations occur by mid-February and you are back to your fun-loving easy-going self by then.

Virgo – A cycle has or is coming to a close, and it’s important for you to come to terms with where you are now.  Archangel Raphael helps heal hurts, close doors and open your heart, mind and soul to new possibilities.  Holding onto the past leaves you stuck.  A no-nonsense friend helps you tone down the drama and get on with things.  Acknowledging your place in the world and hanging with friends helps you move forward.

Libra – The angels ask you to live in the moment and archangel Haniel is preparing you for future victories.  Impatience can slow those victories down, so you are asked to acknowledge the joy around you, right now at this moment.  There are many treasures immediately in front of you, and friends to share your happiness.  Something you’ve been waiting for will occur next month.  Trusting that you have all you need pulls your heart’s desire to you.

Scorpio – Sharing your knowledge and learning from others who share their knowledge with you is highlighted during the next two weeks.  Making others aware of your appreciation for them can move mountains at this time.  You may receive a sweet surprise by the 20th of this month.  Trust your intuition, especially when you think it’s giving you the wrong signals.  Archangel Ratziel is helping you with life lessons.

Sagittarius – Things seem to be settling down, Sag, as you have a set path and secure plans.  The angels bring inspiration and lead you to all you ask for.  Love is all around you and archangels Gabriel and Raphael are helping you celebrate with friends and family.  You recognize temporary conditions as just that: temporary.  New beginnings are cemented by the new moon with joy and hope.

Capricorn – The earth element is strong around you, as this full moon has you putting on your thinking cap and trying to make good analytical decisions; especially where romance and/or career are concerned.  Be sure to take time to relax and enjoy yourself in the midst of all this thinking.  Archangel Uriel lends a hand in strategy and placement.  A trusted female gives valuable insight when asked to.

Aquarius – The angels remind you that often “rejection is God’s protection.”  If you find yourself consistently up against brick walls, ask yourself if your objective in the situation is realistic and serves all or serves only you.  The angels remind you that sometimes “no” means something better is on its way.  Blessed Mother is by your side and suggests some down time, some pampering of yourself and some non-thinking activities.  This clears your energy field and allows better ideas and strategies to emerge from your soul.  All will be clearer by the new moon.

Pisces – Being true to your calling is essential for happiness.  This requires some introspection and awareness as to what YOUR truth is.  Not the world’s truth, your family’s truth or even your BFF’s truth, but your truth.  During this full moon to Spring Equinox phase, owls may be a symbol of spiritual messages.  Pay attention when one is near, or a picture of one appears.  This is a sign to link into your wisdom.  Plans for completion are firming up and you have much to look forward to this entire year.  Master guide Ezekiel sends info and help your way as you need it.


NEW MOON – FRIDAY January 27, 2017    7:07pm EST


Chinese New Year January 28 – Year of the Rooster

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Full Moon Dec. 13, 2016

Full Moon AngelScopes™ December 13, 2016


This full moon the angels remind us of what a blessing we are to others.  Our positive thoughts and generous spirit are the vibrations that change the world.  When we spend happy moments together we increase the healing energy within our circles.  Each of us has unique talents and gifts – you don’t need to be a guru or world leader to effect change in our civilization.  It’s the one to one and door to door that creates a stable, healthy, light filled environment.  Allow yourself to be the person you’d like to see others become; share your gifts of self with love and watch peace on earth become a reality.


December 19th begins Mercury Retrograde to help us end a change year by tying up loose ends of completion.  Recognize it for what it is – a second chance.  Give your all and watch your world become easier and brighter.


Ask the angel or entity indicated to help you through this period, especially if there are major decisions to be made.


Aries – Love from a child or young admirer is on the table. This person looks to you as a mentor and recognizes the way you have enriched their lives.  Personally, you are beaming with love for your family and friends, which lifts any residual negativity.  Fun times are on the horizon, and your guardian angel is close by.  Gabriel the archangel brings happy news and helps you move forward where needed.


Taurus – Forgiving yourself for what you perceive as short comings goes a long way with raising your love vibration for others.  Make time for yourself so you have a better understanding of what you feel you are losing control of.  It may just be a matter of focus that needs adjusting.  Rest is called for, and this will allow you to hear the messages your body, higher self and angels are sending you.  Month end is relaxing.  Blessed Mother Mary soothes where needed.


Gemini – It’s time to make your move, Gemini.  Your master guide has been assisting with the change you’ve been resisting.  Career or relationship – it’s time for you to step up to the next level or let it go.  Raphael the archangel leads you to your change.  Ask to be made aware of the changes YOU need to make so the other things can change in your favor.  Money talks turn out in your favor.  Social gatherings create networking opportunities that can change your life.


Cancer – Your heart and your mind may be at odds with each other as you contemplate what’s best for those around you.  Romance grows stronger during this full to new moon phase.  Single?  Get ready, someone enters by mid-February to steam things up a bit.  Saint Martin helps with all business decisions, including taking action on previously unfulfilled promises.


Leo – Romance heats up, Leo, and if you find yourself in a love triangle the angels ask you to take the higher road.  Your main relationship deepens and may move faster than you like, so take a step back if need be.  if single, get ready, a relationship is on its way to you, so keep your eyes open.  Commitment doesn’t always mean being caged.  In the background pay attention to someone trying to waylay your career or romantic goals.  St. Gabriel encourages you to get out and play as much as possible.


Virgo – Legalities may be on your mind as the year finishes, especially where family is concerned.  Read all contracts thoroughly before signing.  Archangel Kamael helps when you have a tough time making a decision.   Things work out in your favor.  The truth finally is clear to you, helping you decide on your next step.  Changes you make/steps you take now resonate through August 2017.


Libra – The end of the year calls for re-evaluation Libra, and your soul is asking you to set a new path for yourself.  Archangel Haniel who brings victories and success opens doors to opportunities to re-create yourself or your life, if you like.  If recreating isn’t needed, perhaps a little tweak here and there can make the difference between shining and sparkling.  Time spent in meditation, contemplation and prayer proves fruitful; if you can get away from all those parties long enough to sit still a few minutes, that is.  A special relationship grows closer.


Scorpio – The world is at your feet, Scorp, and as long as you hold off the power monger within, you are in for one sweet ride.  The archangels of the quadrants offer protection, and the energy of the Great Spirit fills you, creating a sense of accomplishment and “home”.  The end of a relationship causes moments of sadness, but you realize it’s for the highest good of all.  Take a day to yourself before the New Year begins if possible.


Sagittarius – Divorcing or removing yourself from a relationship creates a change and possible move.  This relationship could be with a person, a group or even an entity (such as an employer.)  While Sag loves to be on the go all the time, you also appreciate the stability of a home base.  The angels remind you that a home base can be anywhere, and Blessed Mother Mary, in all her forms (including Quan Yin and the Shekina) inserts certainty to your decisions.  There is happiness all around you.


Capricorn – A favored female is highlighted and she gives you the love and support you need through year end.  You may find yourself with many choices to be made, and lots of help in making them.  There’s a cocoon of love around you and parties are relaxing and enjoyable as you leave the stress of your work behind.  A fun surprise awaits you around the new year.


Aquarius – You may feel someone or something trying to come between you and another, but the angels suggest you stand firm in love to alleviate worries.  The chaos around you is not yours, so try not to join in the melee.  The Shekina is working full force, with St. Michael close by.  It’s a busy time through the second week of January for you.


Pisces – It may seem as if you’ve been waiting forever, but the angels ask you to remain patient just a bit longer.  Ideas and inspirations are coming through loud and clear, and the time to act on them is mid- to late January.  Write them down, think about them, but put them aside until then.  You may find yourself “testing the waters” on a new adventure or life course.  An Aries helps open your eyes.  It really is a time of hurry up and wait, so you may as well just enjoy the holidays.  Once the light turns green it will be full speed ahead from February through June.  Archangels Gabriel and Raphael help you navigate your endings and beginnings.


NEW MOON – December 29, 2016  EST


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New Moon November 29

New Moon AngelScopes™ November 29, 2016


This new moon the angels ask us to free ourselves from fear by releasing destructive habits such as over-indulging and destructive relationships.  Preparing before going to holiday activities and gatherings helps ensure a more positive experience than you may expect.  Pull cords, fill yourself with light and don’t forget to send your angels to speak with the angels of others.  Take time to meditate, list your blessings and help someone else even in a very small way this season to keep your light bright and your energy strong.


Ask the angel or entity indicated to help you through this period, especially if there are major decisions to be made.


Aries – Carrying the weight of the world and doing everything yourself has your friends asking “Why do you do that when you could have help?”  By the full moon you may have a different view point of controlling and doing it all yourself.  There’s a montage of angels and guides helping you long the way.  Blessed Mother Mary offers strength,; Gabriel the archangel brings news; Michael the archangel helps with the battles within.  No matter how busy you are, take time for fun gatherings.  Smiling and laughter increase your light and resolve.


Taurus – You win!  The goddess Atete helps bring the power of life, abundance, fortune and wealth your way.  The angels remind you that winning at all costs can leave you lonely; words you speak may not be quickly forgotten nor forgiven.  Stage your arguments well and use positive reinforcements with your sparring partners.  The end of December brings a long awaited victory.


Gemini – Explaining you stance may take more patience and strength than you realize, but is well worth the effort as others finally “get” you.  The Roman goddess of victory, “Victoria” is at your side in all you do, so NOW is the time to ask for what you desire.  You are about to enter a wonderful time as year-end wishes come true.


Cancer – It’s been worth the wait as you realize dreams and wishes will be fulfilled by year end.  (You’d like them now, of course, and you are called to have a little more patience.)  Discussions open doors and pull in opportunities that may totally change your life.  The winds of change are upon you and the angels ask you to release your worries as those concerns slow your progress.  Archangel Raphael leads you to where you need to be at all times.


Leo – News of a baby or project may be headed your way, Leo, and any new venture embarked upon has joy written all over it.  Holy Spirit helps you wave goodbye to those leaving your circle.  Wish them well; their leaving opens room for new and more like-minded relationships.  Something you’ve been wishing for appears by mid-December.


Virgo – As you judge, you are judged, so the angels ask you to be careful with yourself during this new to full moon phase.  You are ready to move forward in all areas as your stagnancy is becoming boring.  A fresh opportunity lays before you, and romance simmers in the background.  The call to your true self is LOUD, and the master Jesus helps when you are unsure of which path to follow.  Trusting in the universe allows quicker resolutions and miracles.


Libra – Love is in the air, Libra.  The angels ask you to lighten up a bit and enjoy what’s offered you.  Single?  Take a look around, you may be missing signals.  This is a perfect time to date, growing both new and established relationships.  Gabriel the archangel helps life your spirits to party mode.


Scorpio – Family time is highlighted, be it your blood relatives or chosen tribe.  A great gift is about to be handed to you in this area, so amazing you may think you are dreaming.  You aren’t, it’s real.  Your sharp wit helps you get your way, especially when you are honest about what you want.  Archangel Phanuel helps remove negative energy and replaces it with the light of God.


Sagittarius – You are on your way, Sag, and the angels remind you to keep up your strength by eating well and taking your vitamins.  Holding your opinions until you have time to analyze all facts gets you closer to where you want to be much more quickly.  Negotiations work out in your favor.  St. Michael the archangel offers strength and protection wherever needed.  Total change is near, but the angels remind you the Hand of God brings goodness in change.


Capricorn – Total change is upon you Capricorn.  You have much on your mind as you contemplate creating a new beginning.  In the background the angels are working on making your wishes come true – especially when those wishes are well defined.  Facing your fears removes obstacles.  Archangel Tzaphkiel helps in all family matters, reminding you that nothing is impossible.


Aquarius – Completion is at hand, as one era ends and another begins in your life during this holiday season.  You may contemplate letting of some goals that weren’t serving you, and the new goals move forward very quickly bringing you to many epiphanies.  The Creator pulls together all you need at this time, and Holy Spirit tags along to add wisdom to the mix.  Marriage is highlighted as relationships solidify during this time frame.


Pisces – The beginning of this phase has you feeling as if the party is over and now the real work begins.  The angels are telling you of a very special engagement coming up soon.  Parties are very fun, and you are asked to create a work/life balance.  Your future is close, this is a great time to plan, create goals and visualize success in any/all areas of your life.  Your guardian angel is working with Gabriel and Michael to clear the path to dreams come true.



FULL MOON – December 13, 2016  7:06pm EST


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Dream Worshop

August’s Second Sunday featured Dream Facilitator, Ken Kaplan who shared his many years of expertise on the subject of our dreams.  “Everyone without exception, dreams,” he explained.

He gave clues for remembering your dreams.  First and foremost set the intention to remember.  Once you have set the intention, keep a recorder or a notebook and pen by your bedside.  This way you can immediately record the dream upon awakening.  If you can’t remember your dream, perhaps you will remember the “feeling” of the dream.  This in turn may help you remember the dream.  By focusing on the feeling and reliving it, you may also recall the content of the dream.  Ken also suggested the at the more we open up spiritually, the more likely we are to remember our dreams.

Unless you are super psychic, dreams represent the now, not the future.  Even dreams after eating a bowl of spicy chili before bed have a bit of content that your subconscious is trying to relay to you.  Keeping a log of your dreams, or a dream history, can help interpret and give guidance for your daily life.

Dreams clarify what’s going on in your life.  Every dream is triggered by an event.  You watch a scary movie and have a nightmare.  You have something you are trying to decipher before you fall asleep and the answer comes through a dream.  You eat bad food.  Dreams are validations of thoughts you had during the day.  Nightmares represent the parts of the self not integrated yet, a reflection of an imbalance somewhere in your life.  Recurring dreams appear when your mind is trying to bring you a message that twill raise your awareness of something you may be ignoring.  Ken gave multiple examples of each of these type of dream messages.

Every part of a dream has importance, from what stands out to what seems obscure.  Treat every aspect of the dream as you; for example, if there is a night table that stood out in the dream, “be” the night table.  Strangers represent you, and sometimes even those you know will represent yourself and not themselves in a dream.

For more information, check out Ken’s website www.spiritualdreamcoach.com.  Ken offers group presentations as well as one on one sessions.

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