Angel Reading/Healing

$80/30 min 




Angelic Soul Coaching                                                             $150/hr


Astrological Chart only                                                           $30


Astrological Chart w/Interpretation  (60-90 Mins)                 $180


Home/Biz Clearing                                                                  $150


Private Class                                                                             $75



Acrophonology Color Healing Mystical Kaballah
Angels – 4 corners Crystal Healing Numerology
Angels – 9 Choirs Healing Breastplates Palmistry
Angels – Archangels DeClutter Your Soul Past Lives
Angels – communicating Dream Interpretation Pyramid Healing
Angels – Guardian Angels Gems Personal Protection

and Cleansing

Angels – healing Guide Communication Self Hypnosis
Angels of the Month Ho’oPonoPono Soul Numerology
Angels of the Week House Cleansing Tarot
Angels-Ghosts-Guides Kinesiology Telepathy
Astrology Meditating to Success The Love Class
Auras Medicine Wheel Guided Visualization



“Party Readings” and Group Channelings also available.

With Karan – $40/person

Hourly Rates available

text or email for a date  727-424-3989 or