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About Karan

Readings: Private or Group, our location, Skype, Phone or Your location for parties. Every reading is a healing, and you have a choice of angelic messages, energy reading, mediumship, oracle cards or tarot.

Healing: We offer a myriad of healing services including Angelic, Pranic, Pyramid, Crystal, Golden Heart, BioMat and Reiki. Try us at one of our “Three For” days held each month for a discounted session.

Donation Nights: A donation night could be a healing night, a group channeling, or message night with everyone receiving a message. Sitting in the vibration of these evenings is a healing in itself. 

Workshops: Workshops for all your spiritual needs are offered: angels, intuitive, mystical, energy.

Classes:  Classes run each night throughout the week, some are courses (4-12 sessions) some are one time evenings. Coming soon will be online classes.

Retreats: Day, Weekend, and Away Retreats are offered as well as Road Trips from the Bensalem Area. 

All Events are listed on Karanangel’s Bensalem MeetUp, if you prefer a calendar view.


About Karan

What To Expect

About Karan


View Karan's most recent interview here....   : https://youtu.be/tpyVuVylkvc 

It was at a young age that Karan knew she was connected to the mystical realm.  Dreaming of future events (personal and world), seeing colors around people, feeling angels amongst us, and just “knowing” were the daily norm.  Karan’s talents include clairaudience, clairvoyance, clairsentience, communicating with angels, angelic healing, and mediumship.

She spent most of her time wishing these talents would “go away”.  Once she realized they weren’t going to, she decided to learn all she could about them and how to use them for the highest good for all involved.  This training included 11 years of the Mystical Kabbalah, subjects in complimentary/alternative medicines and most of the psychic sciences.

Karan sees herself as a channel for the light – a vessel for the healing that streams from above, goes through her and is directed to you.  She helps you open up to accept healing and find the YOU that God had in mind when you were created.  She sees your highest potential and encourages success.  


What To Expect

What To Expect

What To Expect

Whether you arrive for a class, healing or personal reading, Karan and the angels help you along each step of the way: encouraging when you need it, strengthening when you become unsure.

All classes, consultations, workshops and retreats are given with the intent of bringing you to your highest and  best self; to help you on your personal mission so you may reap the rewards of abundance that accumulate when you do what you love and love what you do.


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