Tuesdays : 

7/31: Messages Night:  Metatron  Join us as Metatron helps heal and teaches us to use the cube.  $25

8/7 Healing the Healer:  Specific steps to take to strengthen you before doing healing work.  Healing work can include advising friends/family, helping a difficult coworker or even actual energy healing work.  Master healer guides such as Padre Pio will be joining us to help.  $25  

8/14:  Superbrain Yoga

8/21:  Outing - Painting with a twist where we will paint our angels  


Classes are filled


7/26-8/16 The Love Class   Take one or take them all, these classes are designed to help you allow more love in your life as well as be more loving.  The most fun and longest running class (been teaching this one since 1991) results are often seen almost immediately.  $20/week 

Sign Up On MeetUp

To sign up for any class, please go to https://www.meetup.com/KaranAngels-Bensalem-Meetup/

All events are listed there.  Payment is accepted the night of the class unless otherwise stated.  

You can also email Karan@Karanangel.com to save your spot.

Weekend Workshops

Pranic Healing I Certification Course

November 3-4, 2018  10-6  each day

 We are thrilled to offer this training of a healing modality that so many are reaping the benefits of.

Price is $400, or $375 if you sign up before October 19,2018

Led by Kim Siar, MS - Pranic Healing Instructor

MCKS Pranic Healing Level I Course

Enjoy a more fulfilling, healthier and happier life by applying the tools and techniques learned during this basic level Pranic Healing Workshop. This intensive program is designed to empower you to improve your wellbeing at all levels: physically, mentally, emotionally and spiritually; to enhance your relationships; to increase your energy level and vitality, to find more inner peace and stillness; and much more... All in just one weekend!

Included in this 2-Day intensive workshop:

*Understand the correlation between the physical anatomy and the energetic anatomy

*Learn about the functions of the chakras (energy centers)

*Align the chakra energy levels

*Scan conditions of the aura and chakras

*Replace old, stagnant energies with fresh revitalizing energies

*Balance energy levels through physical and breathing exercises

*Learn healing techniques for simple to moderate energy imbalances

*Acquire skills for Self-healing and Distance-healing

*Apply simple and effective techniques to reduce stress

*Disconnect from draining people, work stress and negative situations

*Use energy hygiene for yourself, your home and office

*Understand and enjoy the benefits of the Ancient Meditation and breathing practices

Bring a lunch, lite snacks and beverages will be available. 

Online Courses

Mystical Kaballah:  The Angels and the Sephirot

The Love Class

Check back for dates, both beginning in October.